Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters are installed in the baseboard and they can be used to heat either certain rooms in the house or the entire home. They are usually positioned near the floor because heat rises. When they heat the air around them it is displaced by cold air which is replaced by cold air. As the process is repeated over and over the room is heated. The reason why so many people prefer baseboard heaters is that they are very easy to maintain, they are efficient and they are also quite affordable.

There are hot water energy efficient electric baseboard heater products, and there are those that use electricity to heat the room directly. Hot water baseboard heaters work by getting hot water from a boiler and passing it through copper pipes. The pipes then disperse the heated air in the room. Although they are very quiet, these tend to be problematic and you should avoid them if you can.

One commonly asked question is how many baseboard heaters are enough to warm a room. This depends on several things but the rule of thumb is that you need about 8 watts for every square foot. In addition to that, the following will affect how many heaters you need to install.

How many windows there are and how many square feet they are. If you have many big windows you are losing heat more so you need to install an additional heater or two depending on how cold it is where you live.

These are the insulation levels of the windows, walls, floor and ceiling. It is very important that you always check your insulation before winter. This is because if you have any leaks you will have to use more power to heat your home. If your heaters have been sufficient in the past but you feel like it is a little cold in the house this year it could be as a result of leaks.

The height of the ceiling matters. Modern architecture today is building spaces that have very high ceilings. If you choose to live in o home like this you should know that you will need more heaters.

The type of heater that you choose also matters. Choose a brand that is known for good performance and a long life.

Maintaining your heater is as important as maintaining your AC system. It ensures that your heater is working properly come winter and also that your heater lives for a long time. Call the maintenance man well in advance; they tend to charge more in the winter and they may take longer to arrive.

If you don’t have heaters in your house yet it is recommended that you try baseboard heaters; they are one of the best ways to heat homes.