Training to become a Driving Instructor

Although not many people know it, a driving instructor is a pretty cool career – you can be your own boss, you are outdoors most of the time and the money that you make isn’t too bad depending on whether you start your own driving school or whether you are employed by one. To become a qualified ADI, or Approved Driving Instructor in the UK requires that you train for a relatively short time – just 5 months. The training itself is not very difficult and most people get to pass.

To undertake the training, there are certain requirements that you have to meet:

• You have to be more than 21 years old.

• You have to have held a full UK license for the last 4 years.

• You must not have been banned from driving for the last 4 years and not have more than 6 penalty points on your license.

• You must a DBS or CRB check.

If you qualify you can start taking your classes. Most driving schools offer driving instructor classes also but you should choose a driving school that has a good reputation for helping their learners to pass. They should provide you with text books and any other resources that you need to pass your exam. Once you enroll you will be given an instructor to work with you to the end of your course just as regular driving learners are given.

The training is divided into three sections. During the first one, you learn some theory and also how to negotiate hazards on the road. After that you will be tested – one section will be in multiple choice on the theory that you learned and the other will be outside negotiating hazards on the road. You cannot proceed to the next part of the training until you pass these tests. The second part driving instructor courses tests your driving ability – they check your eyesight, you do vehicle safety and they also check your overall driving ability. You must pass this section to proceed to the last one.

The last section of the training is to teach you how to instruct pupils. You will be instructing your instructor who will pose as two different driving pupils. You do a test at the end of this section and based on the results of this section, you will get your ADI. The best score that you can get is a 6 and that qualifies you as a driving instructor, but you also qualify with grades 4 and 5.

As you can see, becoming a driving instructor is not very hard – in just a few months you can change your career completely.