Norwich intensive driving lessons

With a huge variety of conditions, roads, and junctions, Norwich is one of the perfect places to learn to drive. On the other hand, is it not? The area offers a relaxed environment suitable for drivers. However, Norwich being a perfect place is one thing and finding perfect Norwich intensive driving lessons is another. Pupils have to consider many things before booking driving lessons in Norwich. We have curated some of those things that you need to think.

 Proximity – this might not sound crucial at first, but the distance between you and your instructor should not be that significant. You should be able to access the instructor without much hustle. For example, when you are taking lessons with us, we arrange to pick you from your house. If that is not possible, we organize a respective area that both of us can meet.

 Instructor – it is wise to do a background check on the instructor and the school that you want to take driving lessons. Check their record of accomplishment and ensure that they have the required experience needed to offer excellent experiences. You can do this by checking reviews and feedback from the past pupils. If they are positive, then it means that the instructor is likely to offer superb lessons. On the other hand, negative reviews should raise the alarm. Our instructors are skilled and experienced, and you will not regret taking a driving course with us. They are friendly, patient and will do their best to ensure you pass your practical test.

 Cost – despite wanting the best, it is important to consider the cost. However, do not compromise the value of the services for the money. Our course offers quality-driving lessons for the value of your money. Compared to others, you can say that we are cheap.

The good thing with us is, if you are not from around Norwich, we can organize accommodation for you. We know one of the most affordable motels, and we will arrange accommodation where needed. In conclusion, Norwich is a cool place if you are not driving. It has stylish pubs, restaurants, cinemas, and clubs to relax and enjoy. Norwich is also just 1.5 hours by train from London. As you take driving lessons with us, you will be able to enjoy all this. Contact us today and book your driving lessons.