Bedford Tree Surgeons

The trees around your Bedfordshire home add to its beauty and give it character. That is why you have to take the best care of them to ensure that they are always looking good and they live for many years. A good tree surgeon is an essential part of this. He is an expert whose job it is to repair damaged trees by, for example, removing diseased branches, filling cavities in the trunk and even strengthening branches. You may already know that there are several tree surgeons Bedfordshire in the industry providing their services. As a homeowner you have to be careful choosing one to work for you. You want to make sure that they get the job done while at the same time ensuring that everyone is safe. Use the following tips:

• They have to have experience and training. Ideally, they should have worked for at least 5 years. The more the number of years in service the better. They need to be NPTC qualified in order to be able to work with a chainsaw. They should also be accredited members of IRATA.

• They should have the right protective gear not just for themselves but also for anyone who is working with them.

• Never hire a tree surgeon who is not insured. Should they fall and hurt themselves while working on your property they may come back to you for medical expenses. Ask to see a copy of their latest insurance for them and any employees that they bring along. They should also have public liability insurance.

• Before the work commences you should get a written quote. There are some who give clients verbal quotes only to turn around and ask for more later. The quote should show exactly what services will be carried out.

• Look for online testimonials. If you find more than two or three negative comments then it is better that you keep looking.

• They should have good standing in the community. You can know a lot about a local business by what people say about them. Your can ask your other contractors whether they know them and whether they are good at what they do.

One such tree surgeon in Bedford is tree specific. They are one of the best tree surgeons in the area. They have more than 20 years experience with high quality tree care. Their goal is the conservation and care of the local forests. They are fully insured because of the high risk work that they do. They are a member of the Royal Forestry Service. Once you call them you can expect that your trees will flourish making your home look even more beautiful.