Richmond Dental Services

Marshgate is your premier Richmond dental practice. With years of extensive experience, they specialize in all forms of dentistry for patients of all ages. This includes cavity removal, along with root canals, bridges, crowns, teeth whitening and dentures. They also offer special discounts for senior citizens and kids, as well as same day appointments and most dental coverage plans accepted. From proper oral hygiene to cancer screenings, Marshgate Dental is your local family dentist and cosmetic dentistry professionals.
Marshgate Dental offers free online consultations for patients. Simply fill out some essential information and submit it for the team to review. They even offer new patients a free comprehensive dental exam with x-rays, along with a full written treatment plan. With complete examinations for cavities, gum diseases, chronic halitosis and plaque removal, you are always in good hands at Marshgate. If you are dealing with yellow, chipped or missing teeth, ask about the free cosmetic dentistry consultation as well. Dental health is just as important as your regular health. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment to have your teeth, gums and oral hygiene checked out – twice per year.
Led by Dr. Stevenson-Smith, Marshgate has helped over 1,000 patients restore their smile and confidence. In fact, they offer teeth straightener services courtesy of Invisalign. The clinic even offers financing options for patients, which is a great way to secure cost-effective dental work and techniques. Whether dealing with teeth sensitivity or pain, Dr. Stevenson-Smith will get to the “root” of the matter and help restore enamel and healthy teeth. Similarly, they teach you the proper brushing techniques, flossing, and other vital steps to protect your teeth year round.
If you are worried about painful procedures, there is nothing to worry about. Marshgate offers local anesthetics, along with laughing gas for extensive dental treatments. They also care for your teeth in a pain-free and comfortable manner. It’s as simple as visiting their website today to learn more about their extensive dental services.
For more information or to schedule an appointment today, simply contact Marshgate Dental today for quality family dentistry and cosmetic applications.